Mühlen, Sichter und Verfahrenstechnik im Bereich Feinmahlung, Feinstmahlung, Zerkleinerung und Sichtung. Strahlmülen und Sichter für Industriemineralien geeignet für die Füllstoffindustrie sowie für die chemische und pharmazeutische Industrie.
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New Technologies define New Standards

The team of PMT Powder Maker Group are specialists in the field of dry grinding and classifying of organic materials as well as soft to middle hard industrial minerals with high aspect ratio Micronized industrial minerals such as Talc, Mica, Graphite, Zeolite, Wollastonite, Barite or Micaceous Iron Oxide are main components of plastics, papers, paints, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many other products of the daily life influencing their required properties.


Besides the type of material also the particle size and the particle shape described by the aspect ratio have a substantial influence on the properties of the specific final product.


As consumers demand higher quality products, product developers are put under increasing pressure to develop materials that perform better, therefore customers are looking to mineral fillers and functional additives to give the required results.


In this field we are one of the leading companies in the field of dry grinding and classifying of industrial minerals to the finest end.


We have set new standards both in energy efficiency as well as fineness to reach the natural given limits in dry material processing.

The proprietary development of our machines such as the Jetmill and the Ultrafine Classifier are used both in customer oriented solutions in the field of micronized products as well as in our own Toll Processing Plant.


All machines have the integrated dynamic classifier, the so-called Rotor-Motor-Unit. Mounted on our in house developed high-speed motor we have classifier disks made of high strength aluminum alloy to allow circumferential speeds of up to 190 m/s.


With these products a fineness down to the low micrometer range and depending on the material even below 1 µm can be achieved.

With the newly developed EEU System “Enhanced Energy Utilization” the specific energy consumption could be reduced by up to 30 % compared to other micronizing equipment.


For customers, who have capacity constraints or want to produce samples for a new market approach, we offer the possibility to grind larger amounts of raw material with our industrial sized spiral Jetmill in our Toll Processing Plant in Kammern to the necessary fineness followed by packaging according to customer requirements.