EEU System
Mühlen, Sichter und Verfahrenstechnik im Bereich Feinmahlung, Feinstmahlung, Zerkleinerung und Sichtung. Strahlmülen und Sichter für Industriemineralien geeignet für die Füllstoffindustrie sowie für die chemische und pharmazeutische Industrie.
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Enhance Energy Utilization

Up to 30 % Less Specific Energy

The thermal energy coming from the compression has to be dissipated by cooling down the air for most applications. Together with the well-respected compressor manufacturer KAESER we have developed a machine, which on one the hand generates hot air and on the other hand maximizes the remaining thermal energy of the compressed air by reduced intermediate cooling.


By using specially designed nozzles this part of the energy can be brought together with the energy coming directly from the pressure, in order to achieve even higher velocities of the airstream. This leads to a significant improvement of the energy utilization.


By means of a controlled water injection, the residual thermal energy can be further used while the total system is cooled down before the internal classifying step with the Rotor-Motor-Unit. This leads to improved classifying conditions.