Mühlen, Sichter und Verfahrenstechnik im Bereich Feinmahlung, Feinstmahlung, Zerkleinerung und Sichtung. Strahlmülen und Sichter für Industriemineralien geeignet für die Füllstoffindustrie sowie für die chemische und pharmazeutische Industrie.
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High Efficiency through Positive Pressure System

The first Positive Pressure Classifier for the submicron range leads to high classifying efficiency even in the finest cut-point range. The operation under positive pressure leads to optimized dispersion of the feed material based on high shear forces. Separating the particles is the basis for high effiicient classifying results.


Strong agglomerates based on strong surface forces lead to low content recovery in classifying systems. With this the efficiency of the classifier looking at the fines recovery is rather poor. PMT-Jetmill has developed its patented Classifier JS Series which operates under positive pressure with high shear forces.


Based on this special operation these classifiers have the finest range of products in high content recovery. This can also be achieved on an industrial scale.


The use of the Rotor-Motor-Unit enables final product cut-points in the low micrometer and even submicron range.


The optimization of the content recovery over the whole range of finenesses can be achieved by automatic variation of the coarse reject outlet based on a constant internal material load.