Quality Control
Mühlen, Sichter und Verfahrenstechnik im Bereich Feinmahlung, Feinstmahlung, Zerkleinerung und Sichtung. Strahlmülen und Sichter für Industriemineralien geeignet für die Füllstoffindustrie sowie für die chemische und pharmazeutische Industrie.
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Quality Control

Quality Control at the highest stage

To meet the high demands on product quality and quality consistency we thoroughly inspect our products according to valid standards and individual customer requirements. Modern state-of-the art measurement equipment, our know-how and longtime experience ensure correct analyses as well as careful quality control at the highest stage. Our quality management system according to the regulations of ISO 9001 supports consistent procedures.


Quality control standards for particle size distribution include, screen analyses as well as laser granulometry with liquid dispersion. Color measurement as well as humidity testing and specific surface area according to the Blaine method complete our most common requirements.


For more specific demands we cooperate with laboratories at the University of Leoben and complete our possibilities with e.g. Sedigraph analyses or specific surface area according to BET method.