Company Policy
Mühlen, Sichter und Verfahrenstechnik im Bereich Feinmahlung, Feinstmahlung, Zerkleinerung und Sichtung. Strahlmülen und Sichter für Industriemineralien geeignet für die Füllstoffindustrie sowie für die chemische und pharmazeutische Industrie.
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Company Policy

Our guiding principles are based on a lived environmental, safety and business policy

The protection of human beings has highest priority, therefore we follow all our liabilities to ensure the safety and health of our employees and of all third parties.


We ensure we avoid each accident or incident, which causes any damage to goods or could cause environmental contamination, together with the goal of increasing our production process efficiency.


The continuous development and improvement of our attempts is evident. All employees are requested to share these thoughts through active notification and consequent realization of the required actions.


The development and use of new technologies combined with well known processing steps guarantees a stabile and healthy growth of the company.


We want to fulfil all our social obligations. This applies for both our employees as well as our customers.


Our cooperative relationship with our customers and suppliers is based on confidence, which we also put into our employees.


We invest continuously into our future – but we also want to preserve the created. Only economic success enables creativity and development.


Our implemented quality and environmental management system according to the regulations of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 supports us in pursuing and achieving our objectives.